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Our Story

Our Story

and our mission to help the world to see better

While in Optometry school, the life of Jessy Manhas changed forever in 2002 during an eye health mission in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Among the hundreds to which he provided care, one particular woman in her mid 60’s made a lifelong impact. Jessy was humbled and at a loss for words as he witnessed the woman see her grandson’s face clearly for the first time in her life. Her appreciative gestures brought unforgettable tears of joy to all.

With this affirmative experience, Jessy went on to provide care on many more medical missions, eventually starting the Eyes for the World charity. Although some funds were raised through friends and family, most of the missions' expenses were subsidized by Jessy. Wanting to make a larger impact and realizing that this method of fundraising was limiting, he concluded that the charity required a stable and consistent donor that could strongly support these missions.

And so, VisionPros was born. VisionPros conveniently delivers contact lenses and glasses right to your door anywhere in North America, at a fraction of the cost of traditional retail optical stores. More importantly, 5% of sales goes toward Vision Expeditions with Eyes for the World. It is that simple. VisionPros exists to give the gift of sight.